Completion! Compostion!

Here's our crew at Lowe's getting some (more) goods.

My compost bins are complete! We had a few hang-ups, but I am now a composter. Boy, does it feel good to reserve most of my garbage instead of throwing it in the trash can.

I stopped by a craigslist ad location to pick up more pallet wood and larger sheets of plywood while on a run to purchase some chicken wire (also from a craigslist advertisement). Husband had broken apart almost all of our pallets, and all that  was left to do was purchase nails and get to hammering and wiring!

Eldest son and I spent a morning adding wood slats to the pallets and assembling the bin. I found some large

Our extra-long back pallet with pieces ready for attachment

 boards near the side of our house to quickly and more easily fill in the gaps on the super large wood pallet I picked up at my second free pallets stop.

We got everything in place and I attached the hinges on the bins. Although it wasn’ t my original intent, I had the openings face each other, which will make for much easier compost-shovelling when it’s time to transfer the heap to the other side of the bin.

Buster the dog was happy for something new to mark. Tsk tsk. here you can see the hinges and how the bins open away from each other.

The entire structure is a bit wobbly, especially after we switched locations. Husband was the best EVER and cleared out part of our garden bed. It has much more room for the doors to swing open (notice the bricks and walkway in the way in the above photo) and it was easier to make the ground level. I’m not too concerned about the wobbliness, also, since I’ll only be opening them up twice a month. And maybe it will keep children out… 🙂

Now on to my next task…hen preparation.


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