Indoor Planters

I’ve been using every type of tub, container, and bowl to start my seeds so they are healthy and hearty! I can’t wait to plant them once the frost danger is over. I’m thinking I’ll start them in June.

 Here is one of the containers with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and wax and green beans. I tried to start beans in an old egg carton, but there wasn’t enough room for the roots and they died almost immediately after sprouting. This container will give them much more room!


I also have a pumpkin plant started, and it has always gotten very big! Along with a zuchhini plant, too, but the pumpkin is more exciting to me.

I tried transplanting a few kale plants before they were ready and they withered pretty shortly thereafter. I have learned that I need to give them more direct sunlight immediately, so from now on, all my plants in containers will go outside during the day (it’s been about 60s-70s here) and will come inside at night. Those spoiled little seedlings.


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